6 Weeks Before:

-Go through your home (including attic, garage and storage space, try to eliminate some of the goods you are not using.)  Have a garage sale or donate these items to charity, this will help reduce your moving costs.
-Start using all extra foods to help reduce boxes.

4 Weeks Before:

-Contact Munden’s Moving, through phone or our website to obtain pricing.
-Notify the post office of your address change.
-Change address with mortgage, bank, leases, utilities etc.
-Call schools with address change.

2 Weeks Before:

-Start packing.
-Dispose of all flammables, paint, propane tanks and aerosols.
-Set up times to disconnect utilities and reconnect at new residence.

1 Week Before:

-Finish Packing
-Label cartons with name and room where you want them deposited.
-Start a carton for personal items that you may need immediately: medicines, passport, toothbrush / paste etc.

1 Day Before:

-Clean appliances
-Finish packing all personal items
-Mundens will call to confirm move date and time.

Moving Day:

-Someone should be home to answer mover’s questions.
-Make sure proper address, phone numbers and email address are on Bill Of Lading, sign and keep a copy.
-Keep vacuum out to clean residence.
-Before you leave origin residence make sure to do a walk final through with the movers to make sure there is nothing left in closets, behind doors etc.